Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Alaskan Adventure!

Entering Valdez! This was one of the most beautiful towns we went to. Its a Port town tucked is a little valley. So you have the mountains and the water all one city! This was also where I had the most adventerous time! You'll hear about that down further.

Cool view from the auditorium where we performed.

I am famous infact that there is an entire museum named my same name! I was excited!

Kiesha found her perfect match!

Kate stuck in The Snowdrift...the start of a huge adventure! So, after a small group of us left the Whitney museum, we wanted to head down to the Port to see the water. However, there was a big sea of snow blocking the shortest route and we didn't want to walk all the way around. So we decided to walk through the drift (well we wanted to walk over it because we thought it was hard enough to hold us). It was a nice day...the sun was shining and all around us snow was melting and running down the gutters of the street. But still we thought the snow drift would be frozen hard...yeah, we're dumb! We got about 20 feet over the drift until every person started sinking up to their hips, creating tube like wholes that swollowed our shoes. Our phones and cameras fell our of our pockets as we 'swam' through the cold, wet slush! However, we stuggled our way to the other side before we noticed that these precious things were we had to go back in to retrieve them!

I took this video after I had waded back through the snow and found my camera burried and wet. Alex and Travis are looking for Rachels phone and Ray is digging for Kiesha's shoe.

When all was said and done, EVERTHING was found...the shoe, the phone and the camera! And like the nerds we are, we sang Amazing Grace to the mountains and streets of Valdez Alaska.

On our way to a performance

Farewell photo of our host family in Valdez!

This is just awsome scenery! It was VERY windy outside by that little river.

We spent ALOT of time in a tour bus. This is a picture of people taking pictures out the window...ha!

At times the bus got very bumpy and swaying! This is Brad and Travis bus surfing...yes, we are all choir nerds!

Karen and I standing in front of the Alaskan Pipeline!

The boys wanted to look strong and masuline...

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Emily K. said...

I am so shocked that you actually posted something on your blog, I don't know what to say!! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun together, even if you are choir nerds. I love the Whitney Museum. How cool is that? Hey, have you gotten a job yet, Whit, or are you just giving up? (Ha, Ha, you bratty girly.)