Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's the Ocean!! We were in Homer, Alaska, on the Homer Spit, right on the was pretty chilly!

The waves coming in

We ate the best fish and chips EVER. They had just caught the halibut that morning from the ocean that was right behind the resteraunt! yum!

This saloon is appearantly the most famous establishment in will see why next. And if I appear a little tipsy its because I went in and threw down a few shots while my friends waited outside...
just kidding!! Don't worry mom, I just thought it would be appropriatly funny to look a bit intoxicated since I am standing in front of a Saloon.

Inside, every inch of the walls are covered in dollar bills. The bills are autographed or written on, and yes, that is a bra. Scandelous but very funny! The Salty Dog Saloon in where the cream of Homer, Alaska go and if your anybody who's anybody, you will go in a see what all the hulabaloo is about!


Boat Harbor!



Emily K. said...

I am loving my bloggin' Sista. Keep up the good work. It's not that hard once you get the hang of it, right?

The Jolley's said...

Whitney! How amazing your trip looks. I am so happy that you got ot do it and that it was so fun. I loved the part when you posted your choir singing. You sounded amazing and I loved being a part of it. Youre RIGHT! I would have loved to see the Christmas Place. That is so cool, THE NORTH POLE! well, i will have to send out a letter to santa now so that it will go to the north pole and get posted on a wall. COOL! This is Natali by the way.