Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our Home stay family in Wasilla was way awsome! The dad was a dentist and a pilot!! He had his own plane and he took me, Helen and Lizzie up in the sky to fly over Alaska.

Yay, I get to fly in a plane!!

Lizzie and I, the excited passengers!

View from the plane

This is a HUGE valley glacier that we flew over! You can't see it too well in the picture but the glacier is brilliantly blue!

Closer to the glacier

Kayla, Lizzie and I before the Fireside in Wasilla.

This is Elder Brady...Boone Brady, best friend and next door neighbor from my childhood in Mt View! After our concert in Wasilla, he approached me and asked my if I recognized him. At first, I didn't until I saw his name tag. We hadn't seen eachother in like 12 years and it just so happened that he was serving his mission in Alaska at the same time that I was on tour with my choir in Alaska!

Karen and I with Ancourage on the horizon!

So pretty!

Yes, that is a volcano in the background...and yes, it is SMOKING! It had erupted only 2 weeks before we arrived in Alaska. The ground was still covered in ashy remains!

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Emily K. said...

Wow, you really did have grand adventures. I never knew that you flew in a little plane! How fun. And, I know that's not your bra on the wall. Way too little. . . Probably my size.