Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Alaskan Adventure!!

It all began in the Boise Airport. Here's Mattie and I waiting for the plain to arrive and take us to Alaska!

We had some pretty long layovers and had to get creative so that we didn't go crazy! We actually sang as a choir to some passersby who learned that we were traveling to Alaska to tour.

The first city we visited was Fairbanks. Rachel, Me and Karen are standing on ice blocks being very excited to have finally arrived in Alaska!

A group of us found this super cool church made comletely of ice blocks (like an igloo, sorta) The acoustics were fabulous in there so naturally, being a choir, we sang a song!

We sound betting live! Especially when my voice isn't the loudest one :)

Brandon, Rachel and I in the Ice Church.

My Dogsledding experience! There were four sleds each hooked to 12 gorgeous Alaskan Huskies. The dogs were CRAZY! All they wanted to do was go-n-run and run they did!!

The beautiful animals and their fun and energetic!

This is Queenie and Guss! They were waiting to be hitched...CUTE huh?

Uh huh, I got to drive the sled! It was pretty dang cool! It was 40 degrees outside and the dogs were hot...the handlers said the most comfortable temperature for them is below zero. Our sleds went about 25 MPH and the dogs wouldn't stop running for nothing, not even to use the bathroom (they just let it come out, Yuck)

There is a town near Fairbanks that is called North Pole and they keep the spirit of Christmas around all year! All the light poles are candy canes and there are christmas lights up in June!Cassie and I are standing in front of Santa Clause's House in North Pole, Alaska. There are reindeer in the back and a HUGE christmas store inside! Natali, you would've absolutly went crazy in there!

This picture was one the outside wall of the house and I thought it was simply beautiful!

This is a letter to Santa written by a girl named Sara. Whenever a child writes a letter to santa and sends it in the mail to the North Pole, it comes to North Pole, Alaska. In the Santa Clause house there is a huge wall that is plastered with thousands of these adorable letters. It was especially cool to see these notes in a differant language!

Mattie and I on Santa's chair!


Emily K. said...

My kids loved the video with all of the dogs yapping. I have always wanted to see that. What a cool experience you had. One that you will remember forever. I'm glad you are such a good singer, and they let you go to Alaska. Keep up the great singing, and you will be famous someday.

Celinda said...

What a fun trip. I'm so glad that you got your camera back! A smoking volcano, beautiful scenery, a famous bar, the North pole, a dog sled and ect. Those are great photos. I agree with
Emily, you will be famous someday.

Celinda said...

I didn't notice the dog sled video until Emily mentioned it; I thought it was just a picture. It is so funny that the dogs are all barking. I have never been on a dog sled ride before. Cool!!